Strawberry Ice Cream

(V. 1) 1x

Mama, just take another pill/

In the morning, we both know you will/

You thought that you hid them under the counter/

In the vase, with the yellow flowers/

Daddy, just pour another drink/

Don’t you dare pretend to pour it down the sink/

You told me it was just Coca-Cola/

Then why are you tripping over the sofa?


(1st CHORUS) 1x

What can I say?

What can I do?

At eight years old I couldn’t run away/

Even if I wanted to/

What should I say?

What should I do?

I know I shouldn’t care/

But I really miss you, I really miss you


(V. 2) 1x

Daddy, I remember sitting on your knee/

At the park, eating strawberry ice cream/

You asked what I wanted to be when I grow up/

I saw a tear roll down your face when I said/

“I just want to be loved.”

Mama, I haven’t seen you in such a long time/

Daddy said you’re locked up, doing twenty-five to life/

Through the glass, I hear your voice through the phone/

Maybe we’ll meet again, when the angels call you home


(2nd CHORUS) 1x

What can I say?

What can I do?

At eight years old, I shouldn’t feel this way/

But I couldn’t really choose/

What I wanted to say/

What I wanted to do/

After everything you took away/

I still miss you/ I still miss you


(1st CHORUS) 1x



Published August 31, 2018

Written June 12, 2005












Heart Slayer

(Verse 1 )

Time is flying

Out the window

Second chances are fading again

Laughter’s hiding

It’s insecure now

As it sees tears fall in my hands

It’s hard to see you

Without screaming, telling this pain to go away

But the smile i’ve been faking

Is another empty page


You can break me into a billion pieces

You can take the very air I’ve been breathing

Like a pretty picture

Becoming crumpled paper

You hurt me more than you’ll ever know

Left me confused and all alone

You’re a life taker

A heart slayer

(Verse 2)

I am wounded

By the words said

I can’t seem to forget

My heart is burning

From your poison

It’s so hard to forget

That I’m alright

That I’m okay

I guess I’ll make it through somehow

But I’m lying to myself

And can not find a way out

(Repeat Chorus)


It was tragic

I was just a kid who couldn’t grasp it

Tell me “What was I supposed to do?”

But honestly dad, I hate the way I remember you.